1992 Rover 218 SLD Turbo

Rover 218 SLD Turbo

Rover 218 SLD Turbo

No doubt you're well aware of the great savings that can be made when buying a diesel.
However,you may also feel that a diesel could restrict your driving enjoyment.
Rest assured, the Rover 218 SLD Turbo provides the answer to your problems.
Not only does it offer you all the refinements you'd expect from a Rover 200, but it could also make a difference to your fuel bills. And it offers a level of performance you would normally only expect of a petrol car.

Rover 218 SLD Turbo Engine

In fact, the Rover 218 SLD Turbo is such a quality package, you'll have to remind yourself that you're actually driving a diesel
As you take the wheel the whole interior exudes quality and craftsmanship. The burr walnut, deep carpet, and rich materials fill you with a sense of refined comfort.
The cockpit, with its ergonomically designed fascia, makes every journey a pleasureable experience. The steering is power-assisted, the mirrors are electronically heated and adjusted, and of course the front windows are electric.
This car is a rare breed - a diesel that is truly a drivers car.

Publication No. 4537