Rover 420 GSi


Year of Manufacture: 1995

Owned by: Andy Walford

Colour: British Racing Green in Standard Cloth Trim

Options: Electric Mirrors, Central Locking, Rear Spoiler



Owners Words

I bought this car in 2005 from a local scrap yard after trading in my old battered 3 series BMW, and was lucky to come across this car on the forecourt, and for a modest price I drove it away.

I wasn't expecting to have the car for much more than a year until I found something else, but that " something else" hasn't turned up!, now almost 8 years later, I'd say its probably one of the cheapest cars I've had to maintain, over this time I have added things, and upgraded things here and there.

I have modified the interior of the car, but like the exterior too much to want to change it, and why would I want to anyway?

The car is exhibited at the annual Modified Nationals in Peterborough, and other events throughout the year and I enter the car into a "Best lit car" competition while I am there too.

I always receive comments on the car, generally on the condition or the modifications I have done, and nearly all of it positive too.

There are some things on the car which I will want to do in time, such as a strip and respray as the vehicle is showing signs of age here and there and possibly recover the seating in leather.

I don't really dwell on how much it has cost me to maintain and customise, as its my hobby car whereas my partner has a Rover 416 estate that we use as a daily driver.

Soon I will be garaging the car, using it only as a show car, preparing for shows and events.